JAL : What is obvious needs no proof.

JAL : What is obvious needs no proof. The dying rivers of Dehradun are not hidden from anybody, it’s just that we`re being ignorant about it. Rispana, Kosi, Tons, Suswa are small names now, the feeder of half the nation, The Mighty Ganga and Yamuna have been listed in the “10 dying Rivers of INDIA” . If we could only know the facts we might stop exploiting this valuable resource.

*In 15 years, we may have only HALF the water we need for our survival.
*The Ganga is one of the most endangered rivers in the world.
* Estimates say 65% of our water needs are met by rivers.
* 2 out of 3 major Indian cities already deal with daily water shortage. Many urban residents pay ten times
the normal amount for a can of water.
* We consume water not just to drink or for domestic purposes. 80% of water is used to grow our food.
Each person’s average water requirement is 1.1 million litres a year.
* Flood, drought and rivers turning seasonal are increasingly leading to crop failure across the country.
* Climate change is expected to cause worse floods and droughts within the next 25-50 years. During
the monsoon, rivers will flood. The rest of the year, the drought will follow.

These trends are already beginning!


 JUNGLE: The Dying State of “CHIPKO” 

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