Distress Sale- Distress Thoughts

A farmer who puts more than he has and can afford, still he’s neglected and left for distress sale resulting in stressed and suicidal thoughts.  Imagine running a house for less than 6500 Rs a month. Children school fee, food, electricity, health and medicine, transportation & much more. We have probably agreed that the farmer has 

Ever Thought of ₹ 2 Cheque As A Salary?

“There are only two ways to reach the truth — with literature and agriculture!” The farmer has actually given up on his state, his city and his livelihood. He is angry at the core and to the system! Have you at any point wondered what your city is facing with its foundations? Must Watch! You’ll be shocked …

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Facts About Dehradun

Being state capital and hub of education institutes, Dehradun has a lot of potential in sense of market availability and tools of agricultural platforms. A big mass of users and buyers is always in the market to grab most organic and direct from field products. A person, who loves nature and also wants prosperity in …

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Rise of New Hope

Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand and home to 17 lakh people, rich in natural resources is now being ghosted because of migration. Dehradun appears like a normal bustling hill station at first glance. But look closer and you will see the true scenario and the situation where Dehradun is drowning. Everything is changing, the world is evolving …

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Why Dehradun?

The Unlimited Potential of the state and city is not hidden from anybody , a little tough to achieve under the current scenario but it’s WE who need to act. There are plenty undermined sector which can flourish here like tourism, hospitality, adventure sports, post-harvest processing, Horticulture, Herbs and a lot of service based industries …

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The story behind the Name, “DEHRADUN”

Its not always been Dehradun from the starting .The city has taken a troll on informal names and has finally settled on Dehradun. Dehra is derived from the word “DERA” which means a camp or base. History states that it was called DERA when Shri Guru Ram Rai Ji came to this valley in around …

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