Jungle: The Dying State of “CHIPKO”.

Forests are one of the major assets of our state. Owing to the forest we have, or we may say, had, such a beautiful agro-climate that our crops were world famous. But long gone are those days. The climatic conditions have changed so drastically that the farmer or the crop itself was unable to adapt the change and we already have the situation of low or no yielding crops. On top of all a reports suggests that the unusual climatic disasters in Uttarakhand can be directly linked to deforestation. So what are we heading at in future, just another city with a cloud of smog hovering over us all the time, dying farmer, dried rivers and concrete jungle? Or we decide to sow and adopt at least 5 trees in our lifetime. So every citizen, not just plant but also adopt that tree and make sure that she or he has given back enough for the current & coming generations that this wonderful city will incubate. Let’s also pay regards to those who were part of the CHIPKO MOVEMENT, who`s effort saved the state and forests of Uttarakhand and compelled government to put a stay of tree felling for 15 years back in 1980. It’s time to awaken and take care of the Heritage.


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