KRISHI : If the farmer is poor then so is the whole country.

The demography of Uttarakhand supports only 13% of its area to be cultivated but still Over 70% of Uttarakhand`s Population is dependent upon Agriculture for their livelihood, so we can imagine the kind of yield and produce that we reap out of whatever land resources we have. But owing to the fact that 65% of our area is mountainous, the travel, transportation and supply chain is a big hassle, result, the poor farmer is dependent upon the middleman`s grace to buy his produce and take it to the market. There have been enormous efforts by the Government and even Non-Government Org to take this forward but ignoring quality food processing and finished products, lack of proper marketing and selling with the unrecognised brand are a few major drawbacks that hold back the organisation to help the farmer beyond a certain point. We need to develop a sustainable relationship between the GROWER & CONSUMER, where both are benefitted in their own ways. The Consumer gets QUALITY Product and the Producer gets the True Value of it.


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